An ongoing project, the Andalucian style of this farmhouse is rustic with a little contemporary twist, using materials such as polished cement, local stone hand-picked from the mountains, crackled glass and locally made ceramics. The bespoke bath and shower have been made using microcement and stone. An old pharmacists medicine table has been modified, and is now the base for 2 microcement basins. There are many sustainable elements to this house, including coffee tables made out of old railway sleepers, sculptures made from lemon trees from the garden and recycled doors have been used to make wardrobes and headboards.

Shane Williams worked very closely with the clients in order to get the balance just right between rustic sustainable elements, and contemporary luxuries. Shane has sourced local materials, used local craftsmen and produced soft furnishings from natural fabrics. Working closely with a team of skilled builders and craftsmen, the project management continues with the next phase in the adjoining guest cottage, raising the roof, as well as redesigning the layout in order to increase and utilise the space in a much more efficient and effective way.