The beauty of being involved in interior design and project management, is to see the pleasure on people´s faces when they start to see a home appearing out of rubble.

Planned as a holiday home with the idea of retiring here, this once, very dated house, was transformed into a contemporary family home.

The client´s brief was to create a home from home with all the comforts, luxuries and practicalities that go with it, but in a contemporary and more modern feel than they were used to in England.

Meetings were held both in the UK and in Spain to discuss and present style boards, and budgets.  Once agreed, communication flowed with updates on how the project was moving forward, decision making and updates on budgets – which is key in any project, small or large.

Bespoke furniture items were made, such as headboards, bedside tables and a large shelving unit in the living room using oak and coconut.